Discover vintage fitness boxing workouts with the Buff Dudes' intense journey into old-school exercises like roadwork, tree chopping, rope jumping, and more!

Brave the Box with Old-School Boxing Exercises

The Buff Dudes, bodybuilding brothers, Brandon and Hudson White, take us on an amusingly intense journey into the fitness world of “old school boxing” workouts. Their mission turns the spotlight on the exercise regimes used by the boxing legends of yore that included training methods not typically seen in our modern gyms. Spoiler alert: These below-the-belt exercises are not for the faint of heart or the weak in muscles.

Fitness Roadwork Ain’t No Walk in the Park

Who says a 5K run is all sunshine and butterflies? Certainly not if you are running like the pugilistic pioneers of the 20th Century. The Buff brothers, boldly trading their mainstream running gear for boots and workwear, give us a sweaty taste of this vintage cardio-kick. Typically, a 5K run is a good warm-up to get you started. But running in steel-toed construction boots? It might not be the best way to burn calories, but it certainly gets the humor pumping, as they opine about the sweat-inducing properties of heavy clothing.

Tree Chopping and Ditch Digging – If You Can Handle It

It appears that professional boxers back in the day turned a limb and a thumb at Timbersports. Tree chopping is tough, top-tier stuff. Brandon and Hudson switch ends of a crosscut saw and take down a tree, showcasing how it challenges upper body strength and core’s rotational abilities. But the workout doesn’t draw the curtain here. These boxing beta-tests also involve ditch digging, a service to your back muscles that don’t overstay its welcome past 30 minutes because, let’s face it, the earth punches back!

Fitness with the Rhythm of Rope Skipping

Rope skipping, despite its omnipresence, remains one of the most underappreciated workouts in the field. The Dudes quickly realize that the unassuming jump rope is capable of delivering one of the most intensive cardio workouts. A core-searing, breath-stealing, sweat-inspiring regimen that leaves Brandon and Hudson (and surely us) on the verge of drop-out but ever more determined to stick to it.

Brace for Impact with Medicine Ball Fight

An ab-conditioning exercise to wrap things up, the medicine ball fight involves a quick descent onto the ball while you flex and fire up your core. Not just a workout for your muscles, but also a test of pain tolerance and mental grit. It puts a whole new twist on “feeling deflated.”

To Sum It Up:

  • Vintage boxing workouts are an interesting break from conventional gym exercises.
  • Indulging in these 20th-century boxing regimens involving roadwork, tree Chop, Ditch digging, rope jumping, and medicine ball fighting is as invigorating as they are grueling.
  • These workouts engage your upper body strength, back function, and core strength in an all-inclusive manner.
  • Although the exercises seem unconventional and perhaps not for everyone, there is something to be said for the physical toughness and resilience they build.
  • It may be advisable to seek professional guidance before undertaking any old-school boxing workouts to ensure you are performing them safely and correctly.

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