How cannabis use before exercise can enhance the "runner's high" but also increase workout exertion plus THC vs CBD and the shifting perception in sports.

Studying the Effects of Cannabis Consumption Before Exercise

A recent study has bills ringing with its novel findings on cannabis consumption prior to exercising. According to researchers at the University of Colorado, the puff that gets you high might just give you an extra “high” during your exercise routine, but could also make your workout feel like a real mountain trek.

Mixed Feelings with Cannabis-enhanced Workouts

Turns out, using cannabis before hitting the gym, the trail, or the treadmill may enhance the positive feelings associated with exercise. ‘Runner’s high,’ typically linked to the release of endorphins during exercise, might receive a serious uplift. However, this enhancement is not devoid of its flip side. Cannabis consumers reported feelings of greater exertion during their workout session. Could it be said that there is no gain without a little strain?

THC vs CBD in Exercising

The study didn’t shy away from chief cannabinoids either. The findings held true for both THC- (tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD- (cannabidiol) dominant products, topping the scales slightly in favor of CBD. Participants consuming CBD reported higher levels of enjoyment and a less significant increase in exertion, compared to their THC-consuming counterparts. Perhaps CBD is the smarter selection to push past the pain barrier?

Research Limitations

TTYL, we’ve got a couple of limitations to address. Federal prohibitions on cannabis introduced some constraints in the study, its practices, and causal attributions. Participants had to use their assigned cannabis product at home before heading to the exercise facility. This led to a delay in the commencement of the cannabis exercise bout and researchers could not blind participants to the cannabinoid levels in products. Also, the pool consisted primarily of regular cannabis users who frequently pair cannabis with exercising. Future studies may add more insight with more diverse samples to maintain objectivity.

Stepping beyond the Stigma

In the global sports sphere, a changing perception towards cannabis is witnessed. Back in 2018, CBD got a get-out-of-jail-free card from the World Anti-Doping Agency’s (WADA) prohibited substance list. It seems the association acknowledges the benefits of cannabis, and its exclusion from the list of prohibited substances is under consideration.

Key Findings From the Study:

  • Cannabis consumption prior to exercise leads to an enhanced “runner’s high” and greater enjoyment, but also more perceived exertion during the workout.
  • Both THC- and CBD-dominant products yielded similar findings, although CBD use led to greater enjoyment and less of an increase in exertion.
  • Participants reported more enjoyment during cannabis-embedded exercise sessions, compared to non-cannabis workouts.
  • Cannabis use heightened the ‘runner’s high’ symptoms during exercise, particularly for the THC group.
  • Despite evident benefits, cannabis pre-exercise led to an increase in reported exertion.
  • The studies and their implications are limited by ongoing federal prohibitions around cannabis.
  • A shift in perception towards cannabis use in sports is observed, with more entities, including WADA, considering its exemption from the prohibited substances list.

Source Citation: https://www.marijuanamoment.net/using-marijuana-before-working-out-can-enhance-enjoyment-and-runners-high-but-also-cause-more-exertion-study-finds/

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