Revolutionize your healing journey with Recovery Move, a groundbreaking fusion of exercise and therapy.

Recovery Move: A Combination of Exercise and Therapy Changes Lives

In a world where stress and anxiety are prevalent, finding an outlet for release and therapy is essential. Mary Kwasniewski, a float nurse at Yale New Haven Hospital, found exactly that through a CrossFit class at the Guilford Athletic Center in Connecticut. Little did she know, this gym also houses Recovery Move, a non-profit organization that advocates healing through exercise. This revolutionary concept combines a fitness class with a therapeutic meeting afterward, creating a transformative experience for participants.

The founders of Recovery Move, Hannah Jurewicz, a psychologist recovering from self-esteem issues, and Clint Zeidenberg, emphasize the importance of stretching, mobility, and mindful breathing during the workout. This approach not only releases endorphins, but also helps clear neural pathways, promoting healing. The benefits extend beyond the physical, as the workout fosters confidence and camaraderie among participants. Age and fitness level become irrelevant in this inclusive environment, where a 16-year-old can work out next to a 70-year-old, fostering communication and living in the present moment.

But the impact of Recovery Move goes even deeper. Zeidenberg explains that the release of “happy hormones” during the workout enables at-risk teens and young adults struggling with addiction and mental health issues to open up and share their experiences more easily. The combination of exercise and therapy creates a safe space where individuals can connect and support each other on their journey to recovery.

Mary Kwasniewski’s personal experience is a testament to the effectiveness of this approach. She credits Recovery Move with making her feel stronger, improving her mental health, and overall, feeling good. The goal of Recovery Move is to make this concept accessible to as many people as possible, encouraging anyone who is interested to simply show up and let the team take care of the rest.

Recovery Move is even expanding its reach by offering a group specifically for individuals struggling with eating disorders. In this group, a licensed clinician will be present to provide additional support. Scholarships are also available, ensuring that those who need it most can participate in the program free of charge.

In conclusion, Recovery Move is revolutionizing the way people approach healing and recovery by combining exercise and therapy. This unique concept not only promotes physical fitness, but also provides a safe and supportive space for individuals to share their stories and connect with others. The inclusive and non-judgmental environment allows people of all ages and fitness levels to come together and experience the transformative power of exercise and therapy.

Key Points:

– Recovery Move is a non-profit organization located at the Guilford Athletic Center in Connecticut that merges exercise and therapy to promote healing and recovery.
– The concept involves a fitness class followed by a therapeutic meeting, creating a transformative experience for participants.
– The workout incorporates stretching, mobility, and mindful breathing to release endorphins and clear neural pathways.
– The inclusive environment fosters confidence and camaraderie among participants, regardless of age or fitness level.
– Recovery Move has been instrumental in helping at-risk teens and young adults struggling with addiction and mental health issues through the release of “happy hormones” during exercise.
– The organization is expanding its offerings to include a group for individuals with eating disorders, with a licensed clinician present for additional support.
– Scholarships are available to make the program accessible for those who need it most.

Source Article: https://www.wtnh.com/on-air/connecticut-families/recovery-move-a-combination-of-exercise-therapy-changes-lives-in-guilford/

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