Discover golf's unexpected fitness benefits, boosting physical and mental health with calorie-burning, total body workouts.

An Unexpected Fitness Ace – Golf

Who knew the gentle clinks and clacks of golf clubs could harmonize into a symphony of wellness! Golf, often viewed as a tranquil sport is, in fact, an excellent form of exercise that boosts both physical and mental health. Quoting research and throwing in some surprising stats, let’s tee off and uncover the undercelebrated hero of the fitness world – Golf!

Physical Fitness Perks of Playing Golf

Playing golf is a fantastic way to improve physical health. You get to burn a significant number of calories while working your entire body. Who might have thought that meandering on the green with a club in hand could be a jam-packed body workout?

Burning up them Calories

According to a study in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, smacking around a tiny ball on the course translates to an impressive 11,947 steps and a calorie blast of approximately 1,442. This equals an almost 7 miles walk or moderate to intense exercise. The University of Edinburgh study, sets its focus on golfers who lug their own bags, showing that during a nine-hole round, they can cook up to around 721 calories. That’s as impressive as an hour-long aerobics session!

All-over Body Workout

And it doesn’t stop at calorie-burning. While navigating the sprawling green ranges and swings, you are actually engaging multiple muscles. Work the guns in your arms, the bulwark shoulders and back muscles, not forgetting the leg and powerhouse core muscles. It’s a super strength and endurance enhancing sport, providing an all-round fitness upgrade!

Mental Well-being Bonuses from Playing Golf

Brains and bodies work great in unison, and golf stands testament to that symbiosis. Karolinska Insitutet’s study, from Sweden, uncovers that golfers exhibit lesser instances of anxiety and depression compared to non-golfers. Filled up with higher self-esteem, life satisfaction, and happiness. Plus, most of the time, you’d be out in the open air with the sun-vitamin D supply and mood-lifting freshness, giving a nod to better mental health.

What If Joining A Golf Club Isn’t Your Cup Of Earl Grey?

Not everyone wants to splurge on a posh golf club membership. But worry not, there’s a killer solution – Topgolf! A fantastic, economical alternative that still lets you unlock all the golf benefits. Plus, its super inclusive – kids, teens, adults, retirees, come one, come all…

What’s Topgolf All About?

Topgolf cashed in on the rising golf-as-exercise trend beautifully. This company made the sport accessible and exciting for golf-fanatics, without a formal club subscription. They’re stationed worldwide, with 60 sites, combining golf playing with good-ole socializing. You’re promised a cozy climate-controlled environment, accompanied by food, beverage, and telly luxuries.

What’s On The Menu At Topgolf?

Topgolf is not solely about improving your swing. It also hosts several games and challenges, strengthening the fun-factor. Plus, mix your golf stint with yoga or cardio group fitness lessons. Or maybe, splash out and book an entire bay for an office event or a team-building exercise, creating unique golf-centered camaraderie!

Topgolf caters to fitness enthusiasts, social beings, and professionals seeking a new rapport-building avenue.

Quick Recap

  • Despite often dubbed as a leisurely sport, golf is a fantastic form of exercise.
  • Benefits golfers by burning a significant amount of calories and providing a total body workout, contributing overall to better physical fitness.
  • Regular golf playing is shown to reduce risks of mental health issues, like depression, and anxiety while improving self-esteem and contentment.
  • Topgolf offers a more affordable, comfortable, and interactive alternative to the traditional golf club, allowing people to access the benefits of golf without emptying their wallets.

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