Maximize your workout with EMOM (Every Minute on the Minute) routines for cardio, muscle endurance, and strength training in just 20 minutes! Unleash your fitness potential today.

Unleash the Power of EMOM Workouts

Struggling to squeeze in a worthwhile workout in your busy schedule? Fear not! The EMOM (Every Minute on the Minute) workout is here to make your fitness dreams a colourful reality while harmonising with the rhythm of your clock. This high-intensity, no-nonsense style of exercise promises an intense workout packed neatly into just 20 minutes due to its continuous and endurance challenging design.

EMOM Workout: One Minute Magic

The rules of an EMOM workout are as breezy as they come. Just choose an exercise, set a number of reps, and perform them within a minute. The remaining part of the minute is all yours to catch your breath before the clock turns and you’re back at it! But don’t be fooled. It may sound peachy but as Raphael Konforti, fitness maestro at YouFit Gyms, warns that this workout style is all about ramping up intensity. How, you ask? “As you tire, you’ll have less time to rest before you start again,” explains Konforti. So, better be ready to play a joyous game of sprint or fatigue!

Incorporating EMOM into your Routine

Fret not fitness fiends! Just because EMOM is all about cardio and muscle endurance, it doesn’t mean it’s sidelining your strength training. Combining bodyweight exercises and functional equipment like kettlebells or TRX can work wonders. Ensuring EMOM is part of your workout depends largely on your gym schedule. If you’re a five-day-a-week gym rat, a two or three day EMOM workout routine could work. If you have more intimate gym encounters – of three days or fewer, having one day dedicated to EMOM is ideal.

Creating the Perfect EMOM Workout

Ladies and gents, EMOM creation is flexibly fun! From single to multiple exercises performed consecutively, high-intensity interval training (HIIT) is now your new playground. Jonathan Ross, an award-winning personal trainer, suggests keeping it light and efficient with bodyweight exercises like 15 squat jumps. So get creative, whether it’s 20 burpees per minute or different moves with fewer reps, it’s your call.

Four EMOM Workout Variations to Try

From single-move EMOMs to lively combo moves and alternating moves, there are countless ways to shake up your exercise routine. Advanced gym-goers can even try the upward ladder version where every round goes up a notch by adding an extra rep to each exercise.

Workouts, Rest and Recovery

But remember, amidst all the fitness hustle, the key to progress is recovery. After all, “You make progress by recovering from hard workouts, not from endlessly hammering your body with them,” as Ross sagely reminds us.

Takeaway Points

  • EMOM workouts can fit nicely into your busy routine, only demanding 20 minutes.
  • These workouts are high intensity, incorporating cardio and muscle endurance aspects.
  • You can maintain strength training by incorporating bodyweight exercises and functional equipment such as kettlebells or TRX.
  • Creating your own EMOM workout routines can be fun and diverse – from single move to multiple-move reps within a minute.
  • Remember, working out is about balance, so don’t forget to rest and recover properly to avoid burn out and injury.

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