Discover hidden risks in energy boosters and dietary supplements, and learn how to stay safe while pursuing fitness goals.

Hidden Risks: Understanding What’s Really in Your Energy-Boosting Products

Recharge and refuel, friends, but stay on your toes! Just like sneaky calories hiding in a seemingly healthy wrap, there are unwanted goodies tucked into places we least expect. Case in point – an energy booster called ForeverMen. Turns out, it’s more like an undercover Viagra, packing a punch with sildenafil, and messing in places it should not be. Dietary supplements might be hyped up with ‘all-natural’ tags, but remember our mantra – always check what’s under the lid.

Energy Boosters and Silent Chargers

ForeverMen sounded like a sizzling combination in a harmless package – an energy booster, pick-me-up, ready to place the world at your feet. But seemingly harmless is often misleading. Thanks to the FDA lab wizards, we now know it contains sildenafil, the active ingredient in Viagra. That might startle your eyebrows into a cardio sprint, but there’s more to it. FDA approval of Viagra is only kosher under the supervision of a health care pro. Why all the supervision fuss, you wonder? There’s a dangerous potential tango with some prescription drugs like nitroglycerin, leading to a serious nosedive in blood pressure.

The Hidden Woes of Dietary Supplements

Having a work-out smoothie or an energy bar to sprint past the finish line? There might be a hidden jab waiting for you. You see, some of these bad boys marketed as dietary supplements or conventional foods could be playing hide and seek with hidden drugs and chemicals. But before you swear off energy boosters altogether, remember – moderation and awareness are the keys to stay on the fun side of fitness.

The Silent Majority: Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol and Heart Disease Patients

Nitrates’ squad potential with dietary supplements and sneaky energy enhancers can be a head-scratcher if you are in the diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol or heart disease party. Reading labels, chatting it up with your healthcare provider, being aware of potential traps – they’re not just best practices, they are life-savers. So, if you are on Team Nitrates, make sure your spidey sense is always up when grabbing an energy booster.

Final Retreat: The Key Takeaways from the Energy Booster Saga

  • Not all energy-boosters are created equal. Case in point, ForeverMen, a product promoted as an energy booster which was discovered to secretly contain the active ingredient of Viagra
  • An open-eye mantra is critical while consuming products marketed as dietary supplements. An ‘all-natural’ tag doesn’t always mean ‘all-good’
  • If you are a patient with diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or heart disease, be extra cautious with dietary supplements and energy-boosting snacks as they might have a sneaky confrontation with some prescription drugs
  • The best way to avoid unwanted surprises with any health-promoting product is to understand what’s under the lid. Speak with healthcare professionals, read labels, investigate ingredients, and exercise your right to know what fuels your body

Source Citation: https://www.fda.gov/drugs/medication-health-fraud/forevermen-contains-hidden-drug-ingredient

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