Get ripped arms like pro bodybuilder Brett Wilkin with his top 5 biceps exercises!

In a recent YouTube video, men’s open bodybuilder Brett Wilkin, also known as “The Butcher,” shared his top five go-to biceps exercises.

Wilkin is known for his razor-sharp conditioning, which helped him secure the gold at the 2022 Big Man Weekend Pro and qualify for the 2023 Mr. Olympia contest. Wilkin has been focusing on bringing his arms up to balance his physique, as he often receives critiques from judges regarding his arms. Let’s take a closer look at the five biceps exercises Wilkin uses to build his Olympia-worthy arms.

1. Standing Cable Curl:

Wilkin starts his biceps workout with the standing cable curl. This exercise allows him to establish a better mind-muscle connection early on in his session. According to Wilkin, starting with cable exercises primes the biceps for heavier and stricter movements later in the workout. He performs the cable curls on a functional trainer at the lowest setting, using thick D-handle bars with a supinated grip. To maintain proper form, Wilkin keeps his elbows pinned to his sides and focuses on slow and controlled concentric movements.

2. Single-Arm Dumbbell Preacher Curl:

The single-arm dumbbell preacher curl is another one of Wilkin’s favorite biceps exercises. Wilkin performs this exercise while standing but actively pushes his elbow into the pad for stability. This technique ensures that the load stays on the biceps. He suggests pausing and squeezing the shortened position before lowering the weight with slow eccentric movements. Wilkin cites a 2009 study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, which found that eccentric training performed at high intensities is more effective in promoting muscle mass increases than concentric training.

3. Machine Preacher Curl:

The machine preacher curl is the primary exercise in Wilkin’s biceps workout. He incorporates two feeder sets and two working sets into this exercise. During his final set, Wilkin has his training partner apply manual resistance to push down on the handle during the eccentric phase. According to Wilkin, using this technique has been effective for hypertrophy. The machine preacher curl allows for isolated biceps work while providing support for the upper body.

4. 21s:

Wilkin includes 21s in his biceps routine using a cable pulley machine and a straight bar. This rep sequence consists of seven reps in the lower half of the range, seven in the upper half of the range, and the final seven reps through the full range of motion. Performing 21s with a cable rather than a barbell helps maintain constant tension on the biceps. Wilkin recommends maintaining an upright torso, following a slow and controlled rep cadence, and avoiding swinging the upper body, which can lead to shoulder and back engagement.

5. Reverse-Grip Cable Curl:

Wilkin finishes his biceps workout with reverse-grip cable curls to target the brachialis and make the arms appear thicker. This exercise helps add volume to the arms. As of now, Wilkin is not scheduled to compete in any other pro shows before his Olympia debut in November 2023.

The Bottom Line:

Brett Wilkin, “The Butcher,” shares his top five biceps exercises to help improve his arm development. These exercises include standing cable curls, single-arm dumbbell preacher curls, machine preacher curls, 21s, and reverse-grip cable curls.

Key Points:

– Cable exercises, like standing cable curls, are beneficial for establishing a mind-muscle connection and preparing the biceps for heavier movements.
– Single-arm dumbbell preacher curls allow for focused biceps work by actively pushing the elbow into the pad for stability.
– Machine preacher curls provide isolated biceps training with the option of applying manual resistance during the eccentric phase for added hypertrophy.
– 21s, performed with a cable pulley machine and a straight bar, help maintain constant tension on the biceps and should be performed with an upright torso and controlled rep cadence.
– Reverse-grip cable curls target the brachialis and can contribute to creating the appearance of thicker arms.

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