Exciting VR fitness games that blend health & fun, like Meta Quest's FitXR, Supernatural, and Litesport, or stealth workout options like Beat Saber & more!

Wrap Your Head Around Fitness With Virtual Reality!

Feeling a little bored with the treadmill? Want to throw a curveball in your exercise routine? Or maybe you’ve never stepped foot in a gym and you’re dabbling in names like “HIIT”, “core strength” and “cardio”. No worries, mate! Why not mix tech and health, have some fun and get your heart pounding with some VR fitness games? The folks over at Meta Quest have got your back!

The Ideal Workout: Designed for Fitness & Fun

Meet Your New Gym: The VR Fitness Suite

Let’s start with the games that are meant to replace your heart-pumping gym classes. They’re designed specifically for your fitness goals, and it’s like having a personal coach right in your living room.

Take FitXR for instance. This one has got it all, a veritable buffet of workouts, with everything from HIIT sessions to boxing, Zumba, Pilates-inspired exercises, and a pinch of martial arts. Even if you’re not the next Bruce Lee after these, you’ll be panting and proud of your progress!

The game Supernatural might not transform you into a werewolf but it’ll do wonders for your fitness routine. It’s a blend of boxing, cardio exercises, plus some restorative yoga and meditation. This yin and yang approach to fitness fits perfectly for folks who dig a more mindful, balanced regime.

Last in this category is, Litesport. This is your at-home personal trainer. Be it cardio or strength training with weights, Litesport has got you covered. If you’re a bit uncertain about weight training at home, Litesport could be a smashing way to increase your strength in a safe and entertaining setting!

The Stealthy Workout: Fitness Disguised as Games

The next bunch of games might not overtly scream “workout”, but let me tell you, they’ll sweep you off your feet, quite literally!

Beat Saber is a game many of you might have heard of—and for good reason. It’s a dance dance revolution for your mind and body, stoking your cardio, shoulder strength, reaction speed, and acuity. And with some modding, you can groove to any song you want. How fantastic is that?!

For the warriors among us, Until You Fall could be a frantic and enjoyable escapade. Dodge, guard and attack in close-range sword fights. The thrill of this game can make your workout session feel like an exciting battle scene. Definitely, for those who like a dash of adrenaline with their workout!

And lastly, Blaston – a game of battle with a bit of strategy involved. Instead of throwing punches, here you’re throwing bullets around, while ducking and dodging incoming attacks. It’s a frenetic, heart-racing game that sneaks in an intense workout.


So, to swiftly wrap it up, here are the kickers:

  • Virtual reality fitness games are an exciting blend of technology, exercise and fun.
  • Meta Quest’s fitness suite has a variety of workout-focused games like FitXR, Supernatural and Litesport.
  • Fitness can be hidden in fun games like Beat Saber, Until You Fall and Blaston.
  • The games work on overall fitness including strength training, cardio, reaction speed and mind-body coordination.

Why not give these a go and say hello to the future of fitness? And remember, exercise doesn’t have to be a slog. In the wise words of Kayla Itsines, “wake up with determination and go to bed with satisfaction!” Now, let’s get moving!

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