Discover ways to embrace natural changes and maintain optimal vaginal health through fitness, hydration, and communication.

Busting Myths and Embracing Change: Understanding Vaginal Health

Pull out your yoga mats, ladies, because today, we’re not just limbering up those hamstrings, we’re also diving into some crucial gynecological intel! Just as we work to keep our bodies fit and healthy, let’s put the same effort into keeping our vaginas at their prime — and I’m not just talking about funky-patterned leggings! If you thought the only changes to expect were the ones you see in the mirror, think again. Whether it’s welcoming Aunt Flow or bidding farewell during menopause, our bodies, especially our vaginas, evolve constantly throughout our lives. Thanks to the wisdom of Valentina Milanova, and let’s not forget our favourite news hub Newsweek, let’s meet these changes head-on and stride confidently towards a healthier 2024!

Taking Natural Changes in Our Stride

Having a body involves change, and nope, it doesn’t all happen during puberty! As we age, both the exterior and interior landscape of our vaginas shift – more discharge in the 20s and 30s, reduced elasticity and moisture after the 40s. The important takeaway here is that these changes are totally natural, different for every woman, and as surprising as confetti at a surprise party. The decrease in collagen and fat might result in changes in the vagina’s shape, some looser labia, or even a drier pouch. All of this is part of the deal when you sign up for life’s fantastic roller-coaster ride.

Beyond Fluctuations – Addressing Symptoms of Change

Now, I get it, change may sound all exciting and dynamic, but sometimes, it makes us sweat a little bit in our gym shorts. As we slip into the perimenopause or menopause phase, some changes can lean into discomfort, like vaginal dryness that may cause itching or pain during sexual activity. But hey, don’t start boxing those sparring gloves just yet; it happens to over half of post-menopausal women and even 15% pre-menopause! So, be prepared, not scared!

Fitness is a Full-Body Game – Yes, Including Pelvic Muscles!

You’ve probably felt those muscles around your hips and lower back during a killer core workout, right? Well, they also include your pelvic floor – the under-reported superstars supporting your vagina and other pelvic organs. Like any muscle group, they can weaken with age, leading to conditions like incontinence or pelvic organ prolapse. But just as we fight flabby arms and stubborn belly fat, we can combat this with exercises that bolster our pelvic floor, proving once again, fitness saves the day!

“This is 2024 Calling!” – Ensuring Vaginal Health

Achieving and maintaining a healthy vagina in 2024 and beyond doesn’t require a magic potion or secret handshake. Ladies, here’s your simple plan:

  • Keep it squeaky clean – Soap, water, and good ol’ H2O! But skip the douches or fragrant spritzes.
  • Hydration, hydration, hydration – This doesn’t just keep your skin glowing but also maintains vaginal moisture.
  • Lube it up – Water-based lubricants can make intimate moments more comfortable and reduce friction.
  • Exercise just got more interesting – Meet Kegels, your newest workout buddies targeting your pelvic floor.
  • Never skip a checkup – Schedule regular gynecological appointments, including STI and HPV screenings.
  • Let’s talk food – A diet rich in probiotics like kefir and kimchi can boost the good bacteria in your vagina.
  • Speak up – Open communication with your healthcare provider is crucial for addressing any concerns as you age.

Just remember, getting older isn’t about losing our spark, it’s about embracing changes, adapting, and taking care of ourselves. So, whether it’s singing in the shower, crunches at the gym, or understanding our bodies better, here’s to being the fabulous, healthy women we are!

Source Citation: https://www.newsweek.com/how-vaginas-change-aging-2024-1855085

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