Discover the secrets to workplace wellness and combat sedentary office life with simple chair exercise, standing desks, and healthy tips for both mind & body fitness.

Unlocking the Secrets of Physical Fitness in the Office Space

Traditional office jobs often require hours upon hours of sitting, a routine that could be posing serious threats to our health. While our keyboards might get a rigorous exercise, our bodies, on the other hand, may not be so lucky. But what if we could edit that spreadsheet or nail that presentation to the board while doing a little something for our health? Well, it’s time to grab your pen and notepad because class is in session and we’re going into the in-depth secrets of wellness in the workplace.

Don’t Just Sit There, Exercise and Burn Some Fat!

Imagine this – working from your desk and nurturing your fabulous figure all at the same time! Sounds unrealistic? Let me break it down for you. Strength and conditioning trainer, James de Lacey, cleverly figured out how we can flick this supposed paradox on its head. CDC research shows that about 25% of American adults have sedentary jobs where they sit for eight or more hours a day. Couple that with inactive leisure time (looking at you, weekend TV marathoners), and we have a recipe for increased health risks, including obesity. Don’t give up just yet – James de Lacey has got a gift for us.

Sweat it Out at Your Seat

De Lacey, hailing from Auckland, shared four exercises designed to help keep our bodies active and burn some fat without ever having to leave our comfy office chairs. The trainer demonstrates these exercises which involve seated leg lifts, chair swivels, desk push-ups, and glute squeezes, each uniquely targeting different muscles. While we are typing away business emails and wrapping reports, we simultaneously get to work on our abs, arms, and glutes. Who’s against multitasking now, huh?

The Dangers of Sitting for Long Hours

Ever cozied up on your couch and binged your favorite show all weekend? Or had days where you only moved from your office chair for lunch and a bathroom break? While such sedentary activities may feel like the ultimate comfort, they may carry detrimental impacts on our health – increased blood pressure, an unhealthy rise in blood sugar, fat accumulation around the waist, and a negative shift in cholesterol levels.

According to the Mayo Clinic, there’s even a connection between prolonged sitting and an increased risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer. Their advice? Take a break for every half an hour of sitting. No, not to refill your coffee mug, but to move!

Keep Up the Burn Without Desk Exercise

Now, I know what you’re thinking, sometimes the office doesn’t really lend itself to a robust set of leg lifts or desk push-ups. Well, don’t worry, de Lacey passed on a bonus round of tips:

  • Keep sipping water through the day to keep the metabolism in check
  • Take regular standing breaks
  • Arm yourself with nutritious snacks instead of calorific ones
  • Use accessories like under-desk cycles or balance ball chairs for some extra calorie burn

Every conference call can be an opportunity to stroll around, and every flight of stairs, an alternative to the lift. Creating an active mindset and incorporating these minute actions into our daily routine will definitely yield significant differences!

Standing Desks: Heroes Without Capes

Another alternative deserving of the limelight is the standing desk. Work those legs and improve your posture without missing a deadline, talk about efficiency! Personal trainer David Mason encourages making the switch from sitting to standing desks. A study by the National Library of Medicine seconds this sentiment, suggesting that sit-stand desks can reduce sitting time, positively impacting health and productivity at work. Now that’s a standing ovation we can get behind!

Source Article: https://www.newsweek.com/exercise-you-can-do-desk-burn-fat-1818816

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