The secret behind Fredrik Berselius, a Michelin-starred chef who balances his career with an active lifestyle through cycling, nature, and nutrition choices.

The High-Performance Double-Job: Meet the Cyclist Top Chef

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle isn’t a slice of cake (pardon the health-food joke) in the restaurant industry, notorious for its not-so-great habits. Yet, elite chef Fredrik Berselius, of Brooklyn’s Michelin-starred Aska, does exactly that, with the poise of a gazelle and the energy of a tiger. Striking a balance between his culinary creativity and an active lifestyle, he reveals an intriguing blend of discipline, innovation and a love for nature that’s baked into every aspect of his life.

Bringing Nature into Cooking and Fitness

If anyone knows how to blend breakfast protein shakes with a hint of woodland trail, it’s Berselius. Drawing potent inspiration from his childhood in Sweden and his grandfather’s love for the outdoors, this top chef not only imbues his Michelin-starred menu with a rich essence of nature, but also his daily workouts. Cycling into the wilderness, exploring the landscape, and absorbing the scents, sights, and subtleties the environment offers, he finds the culinary inspiration and physical exertion he needs to fuel his creative, vigorous lifestyle. A workout and a immersive brainstorming session all in one – now that’s efficiency!

Gyms Fit for Gourmet Gods

In an industry where being on your feet all day is par for the course, Berselius found that cycling was the “secret sauce” to alleviate his physical discomfort and foster overall wellbeing. His personal approach to fitness parallels his approach to cooking – a calculated blend of ingredients, effort, and attention to detail resulting in optimum performance. As he found his passions converging in cycling, it wasn’t long before he hopped back on the competitive bandwagon, revitalizing his inner athlete with the Brooklyn-based Big Hit Cycling team.

Indoor Workouts: His Recipe for Success

Balancing being a restaurateur, chef, husband, and father calls for some serious multitasking mojo. When cycling outdoors isn’t practical, Berselius brings the experience right into his restaurant’s office. Utilizing a smart trainer, he can whisk up his daily dose of calorie-blasting exercise, without the distractions of traffic or unwanted weather seasoning. Indoor or out, it’s a fierce workout menu he offers up – leaving no room for lackluster effort and producing a power-packed performance, just like his Michelin-star creations.

Nutritional Savvy or Savory Cycle Fuel?

While you won’t catch Berselius cutting corners in his professional kitchen, he opts for simplicity at his breakfast table. Just like any smart fitness enthusiast knows, training is just one side of the coin; the other side is providing your body with the right fuel to keep the engine humming. As a result, Berselius gives equal attention to critical aspects such as nutrition, hydration, and sleep. His go-to dish, a Scandinavian oat porridge, is not only a hearty, soul-warming meal but also a perfect combination of high-fiber carbs, protein, and fats to fuel his rigorous cycling sessions.

Key Takeaways

  • Fredrik Berselius, the acclaimed chef of Aska, intertwines his love of nature into both his professional cooking realm and his physical workouts.
  • Berselius does intensive cycling as a means to explore nature, find his culinary inspiration, and maintain his physical health alongside with his demanding professional life.
  • Due to his busy schedule, he also adapts with indoor cycling workouts to keep up with his training.
  • Being an elite athlete and a renowned chef, Berselius is well aware of the importance of nutrition in maintaining health, performance, and recovery. His breakfast choice, a simple yet nutritious oat porridge, is a testament to this.

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