Explore the groundbreaking partnership between Evidation Health & USC's Dornsife Center, using wearable tech data to unveil longevity secrets.

Enhancing Longevity Through Wearable Tech: An Examination of Evidation and USC’s Endeavour

Drawing from the realms of technology, research, and overall well-being, USC’s Dornsife Center for Economic and Social Research and Evidation Health are embarking on an unprecedented partnership. Their goal is simple yet revolutionary: to use the power of wearable technology data in understanding and promoting longevity. By integrating a wealth of wearables data into the long-standing Understanding America Study, they aim to unlock new insights into how we age – and most importantly – how we can age healthier and longer.

Data-Driven Progress for Advancing Longevity

In the quest for longevity and life extension, a central philosophy is the objective and data-driven pursuit of knowledge. Data, when contextualized and curated with care, can tell a story; a story about us, our health, and the paths we’re treading on as we age. From healthspan to quality of life, the journey to understanding the aging experience involves untangling several interconnected threads.

Since 2017, Evidation and USC have set out on this intricate journey together, creating the NIH-funded American Life in Realtime (ALiR) study – an emblem of nationally representative digital health benchmarks. The fruitful relationship carries forward, now targeting the Understanding America Study. This study offers rich insights, gathered since 2014, into a plethora of aspects concerning everyday life across America, including health and wellness, work, leisure, retirement, and aging. The dataset, consisting of over 12,000 individuals, acts as a tapestry of the diverse demographical strands spanning the United States.

The Power of Wearable Technology in Extending Longevity

Next, we see the blend of technology and longevity research in the form of wearable data incorporation. Imagined as the heart of this collaboration, wearable device data will become the linchpin of the ambitious project to understand and promote healthy aging. Evidation will be responsible for garnering prospective wearable data from thousands of individuals, concentrating on the insights hidden within activity and sleep data reflective of everyday life. The longevity and life extension implications this data carries are immense and multi-faceted.

Layered on top of the extensive survey data, this longitudinal wearable data can help answer key questions about extending both lifespan and healthspan – the period one stays healthy devoid of debilitating disease or disability. Such a combined approach carries immense potential as a trajectory guide towards life quality improvement, optimization of healthspan, and successful aging.

Collaborating for a Healthier Future

Understanding the narrative aging writes over time in an individual’s life requires robust datasets and rigorous analysis. The partnership between Evidation and USC is an exciting step forward, with an enriched dataset expected to unveil insights vital to extending and improving healthspan. This not only complements the drive for prolonged, healthier lives but also supports the more profound philosophical insight – Powered by advances in technology, knowledge can be harnessed to shape healthier and longer lives.

Key Points:

  • In a mission to promote healthy aging, Evidation Health and USC’s Dornsife Center for Economic and Social Research have embarked on integrating wearable tech data into the Understanding America Study.
  • This partnership will enrich a dataset collected from 12,000+ individuals across diverse demographics in America, offering elaborate insights into varying facets of everyday life.
  • Evidation is to collect prospective wearable data from several individuals, focusing on activity and sleep data to delve deeper into healthspan and lifespan extensions.
  • The marriage of extensive survey data and technological data from wearables carries potential in providing directions towards the elevation of life quality, optimization of healthspan, and successful aging.

Source Citation: https://hitconsultant.net/2023/09/12/evidation-usc-partner-to-integrate-wearables-dataset-for-healthy-aging-study/

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